Elle L. Lynch - Writer, Creative Placemaker, Public Health Advocate

Elle creates experiences and third spaces that foster community and raise awareness at the intersection of social, cultural, and environmental issues. With each project her intention is to create something of beauty that brings us together and makes space to consider what it means to live slowly, to live in partnership with the natural world, and to live with an appreciation of the sublime in simple everyday things.

Elle’s writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and scholarly journals. Her consulting services have been utilized by a number of area nonprofits and small businesses to develop websites, branding, client story libraries, and engaging social media content. A chapbook of her flash nonfiction is forthcoming from Kith and Kin Press. She is currently at work on a collection of essays and public art projects exploring the importance of wild and green spaces to our individual and collective wellbeing.

As a cook, Elle owned and operated the raw vegan Clean Plate, the much loved farm to table restaurant Daily Grub, the collaborative Food Cart Project, and the subscription service Comfort Soup + Pie. These projects were motivated by a desire to bring people together around good food and to cultivate a conversation about where our food comes from and the people who grow it.

Elle received a degree in History from the College of Charleston and studied visual communication and creative nonfiction at Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently an MPH student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Her study centers on the relationship between poverty and health, and the role of storytelling as an essential component to healing.

Elle lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her partner, artist Joey Lynch, their kids, and a menagerie of critters. 












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Food Cart Project

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